Chazz Palminterie - Bronx Tale [Celebrities]

Hi Everyone , This Is The Skin Of One Of My Favorite Movie Characters Who Looks Very Similar To The Mafia Wise Guys , Chazz Palminterie Also Known By Sonny From Bronx Tale Movie , I'D Like To Use Him In Some Missions On DYOM , I Hope You Like It :

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  - Screenshots From Bronx Tale Movie :

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  1. Splendid idea! You definitely managed to capture the likeness of the film's character. Congratualtions, Elpadrino - another great work of yours.

    1. Thank You So Much My Friend , If You Are Intresting , I Will Post Some Great Skins From Famous Movies As Twilight , The Wolf Of Wall Street And Many Others , Thanks for Your Support !!!

    2. Sounds great. I am very interested in your future creations, my friend. You deliver original characters that can be found nowhere but your blog. Take care.

    3. Anytime Bro ! If You Want Any Special Requests , I Can Do Whatever You Want , Thank You So Much For Your Support !!!