Joe's Girlfriend - Stripper [+18]

Here Is The Most Wanted Skin From Mafia 2 , the Skin Of Joe's Girlfriend On Stripper Outfit , And Nude , In Fact She Is A Prostitute Who Appears On Gravina's House , And Danse At The Cathouse , But She Go To Joe More Than Anybody , I Hope You Like It : (+18)

P.S : ( Click to See the Uncensored Pictures ,  +18 only !!! )

 - Screenshots From Mafia 2 [+18] :
 - Screenshots From San Andreas :

Download From : (+18 Only) MediaFire .'s_Girlfriend.rar


  1. I prefer Gina, she's prettier. Nonethless, she seems better than any original SA female character. Great work!

    1. I Am Agree With You , She Looks Beautiful Than This Girl , Thanks For The Comment Anyway !!!

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