BloodRayne - Mila Jovovich [Celebrities]

Here Is The Skin Of Mika Jovovich In Bloodrayne's Outfit , I Made Mila Face Cause She is Very Similar To Rayne's Face , I Inspired The Outfit From The Game , And I Used DOA Dress Model To Make The Outfit . I Made 4 Different Textures For Different Uses .
You Can Also Find A Link For A Lowpoly Skin :)
 I Hope You Like :

- ( Click To See The Full Resolution )

 Inspiration :

Download From : MediaFire ( High Poly )

 - Low Poly :

Download From : MediaFire ( Low Poly )


  1. Amazing work on this character, excellent choice of the dress and face - she looks gorgeous. And I agree that Rayne's face bears a resemblence to Mila Jovovich. It was also good idea to include additional textures (black has always been my favourite colour, but in this case the red dress looks much better). Overall, it's another great work of yours, Epladrino, congratulations my friend!

    1. Thank you so much brother , i am really glad that you liked my work , i really feel happy every time i read your comments , really thanks for your kindness bro , if you need anything , just tell me ;)

    2. You're very welcome, I am glad to hear it.
      Take care ;)

  2. it looks fantastic. my only gripe is, why haven't you made a gta iv version? i would like to have her as 1 of niko's girlfriends.