[Mafia2-Mod] DLC Friends For Life

This Is The long Waiting Mod For Mafia 2 which Include Anything You Ever Dreamed to have In Mafia 2 , Such As Player Switch , Animations , Houses , Winter Change , Lot Of Bodyguards , Hacks And more ...

This Mod Was Started in 2012 and Finished just days Ago , It Was Made By My Friend Zahar999 A.K.A MrSergey1940 , Click On the spoiler Button To See the description Of the Mod :

Independent DLC "Friends for Life"
separate menu start / preservation and continuation after saving.

Free play (summer 50 / Winter 40's)

6 houses in all the houses can sleep (except at home mother) + weather change
house in Greenfield and Uptown, you can take a shower and go to the toilet
guns MG42
melee weapon (police baton, a baseball bat, a knife)
the actual opening of the doors in the homes and open garages
open all Repair trucks and car washes

Options menu:
change skin
Police On / Off
Invincibility On / Off
Settings - to change the weather
® icon - take my hat

Animation menu:
"Take things" - 4 variants (case / bag / case / umbrella)
"Change" - 5 options gait
"Cancel" - to return to the standard
"Sit down" - 2 options
"Wash" - sweep the floor
"Dig" - 2 variants (summer charcoal / snow in winter)
"A" - send mail
"B" - 2 variants (summer fishing / winter fall, sneezing)
"C" - written in the notebook

menu for cars:
the ability to change wheels and camera
favorite car - repair, cleaning, refueling, do not burn, explode, etc. etc.
max speed:
1 - 150 miles / h
2 - 300 miles / h
3 - 500 miles / h

Yacht Club, Supermarket, Typography, Brothel (old / new), M Hotel, Metro Jail
House Vinci house Galante, Observatory, Bureau Bruno Misery Lane Distillery
Maria Agnello hotel "Coat of Arms of the Empire", apartment on River Street, Auto Dealer, Seafood
Foundry, Slaughterhouse, West Side Mall, price office, construction site, the Cabinet Derek Port
Charlie's Auto Service (Arrivals from South Millville) -You can sell cars, blow up garage
Chinese Restaurant, Sicily - N

Installation: "cnt_friends_for_life" inserted into the Mafia II / pc / dlcs (no license)

Have a good game !!!




  1. Looks amazing!Just love this game!

    1. Yeah, lets bring back some fun with this amazing game :)

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