Catwoman LowPoly [Batman:AC]

So Here is the LowPoly skin of Catwoman From Batman Arkham City , In The Second Picture A WIP of Arkham Knight Catwoman Used In AC Catwoman's Body , Arkham series Are Known With Their HQ Models And Textures , This Why I Turned this Skin into Lp And Used the Head of AK Catwoman In AC One , I hope you like it !

  - ( Click To See The Full Resolution )

Arkham Knight Catwoman Head Swap :

Download From :  GTAinside.


  1. Please do the skins of the Mangano crime family from The Godfather part 2!

  2. Anonymous9:47:00 PM

    Cqn you make stitches rapper?

  3. I want to you remind about I recommend you create Pablo Escobar skin. Greetings from Poland