Deadshot (Will Smith) From Suicide Squad [Celebs]

Hello my friends , sorry for the long time of absence ;)

Here is a new skin Inspired from the amazing new movie Suicide Squad , I Made The skin Of Will Smith - DeadShot , It looks totally like him , and i used the body of deadshot from Batman : AO , I Will Make Some Other Characters Soon , so stay tuned , and i hope you like it all :)

- ( Click To See The Full Resolution )

 Download From :  GTAinside.
If You Like It , Leave A Comment ;)


  1. Awesome job, ,my friend! I got a really nice 3d model of Will Smith.I'll port it soon but if you wanna use the head i can share with you for now :)
    Nice to see you back!

    1. Thank you so much brother , i will be glad to make a second version with your nice model , thank you so much for your offer :))))

      and i am going to create a statue soon of your first skin mod , and i hope you like it too ;))) what do you think ???

    2. You're welcome my friend.hahaha nah, it's not necessary :)
      Pm'ed you the model at gtainside( i kept the hand and textures too in case you wanna use them)

    3. Thank you brother , i am glad to have this awesome model , i am so excited to start working on it ;)

      I hope i can see more of your amazing works soon !
      Take care bto !

  2. Awesome skin Elpadrino!!!!