MAFIA III : The New Epic Game !

Hello again Guys !

The Past few weeks , i spend so much time playing the Awesome new game MAFIA III on my PS4 , i can say without doubt that it's the best game for this year by so far !

everything about it is so EPIC ! The Story Of Lincoln's Vengence for his family , the background , the Characters who looks real and actually 2K Games created them basing on Real People .. for example Lincoln Clay is actually Alex Hernandez in Real Life !

Also i liked the soundtracks .. really my type of the 70s rock and roll , blues and jazz ..
It's true that it doesn't include so much new things like GTA V and Watch dogs , but even with that , the gameplay is better than both of them , cause it makes you feel like if you are living the real life of Lincoln Clay , and all you will care about is the story And characters especially with Vito's return !

I liked the Story of Vengence , and i liked more the characters , and how you deal with them especially when it comes to districts and which character you trust more ... Even tough Cassandra and Burke gives more money than Vito i liked to give him districts more than them :

Recently 2k games has made some updates to the game like graphics improvements and giving some outfits to lincoln which i personaly liked it :

For those who like the game series , this game is really Awesome , you will not feel like you're playing it , you will feel more like oyu're living it , i even played the Android/IOS version of the game called : MAFIA III RIVALS and i find it Good too ! you can see my stats on the picture below , and if you are playing it , you can always add me : ELpadrino1935

Recently someone has created a tool to export models from MAFIA III files , you can check this Link to know more about it :

I Played this game on PS4 cause I didn't have enough space inside my computer the last months because of the college studies , i even deleted Batman Arkham Knight and GTA V because of it , so i didn't play it on PC , and i don't have the files , and i can't export any model , but if someone has it , he can do this and provide the models for us and i will do the rest by rigging them ;)

So MAFIA III was a great release for this year and i liked it so much , so if you didn't play it yet , you should really do , you can download it from the link below !

Thanks for reading and have Fun !


  1. Nice to see you back, my friend!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment ! Glad to see you too , my friend!!!

    2. I Come here to tell to you can you make another 2 aphrodite girl from gow3 (you only create one and the 2 more is missing on my collection)

    3. I Converted both of aphrodite's girls and even Aphrodite itself !
      here are the links :


      Aphrodite Girl 1 :

      Aphrodite girl 2 :

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