Harley Quinn - Margot Robbie Skin Mod [WIP][Batman][Celebrities]

Hello Everyone , a year ago i have created a skin of Margot robbie inspired from the awesome movie The wolf of wall street , I received a request lately about making a Harley Quinn version of that skin , and i find it a great idea since Margot is the one who played the role of harley in Suicide squad !

This is a WIP .. i hope you like it :

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Diana Burnwood Skin - Big Boobs Mod [Hitman: Absolution][Nudity +18]

"Hello 47" We always hear her, but never seen her face until Hitman absolution , and luckily this is the only model of Diana Burnwood in the game but with smaller boobs , so i got them bigger so next time 47 can't shoot her again ;P

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Morrigan Skin For GTA SA [Dragon_Age]

Morrigan Character from Dragon Age has always been interesting, i really like her !
I decided to rig her skin cause it's a shame that this amazing witch doesn't exist in our game ;)
I hope you like her :

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    http://bluenik.com/38LX                              http://bluenik.com/38Le


Girl Skin From God of War Ascension [God_of_War][REL][+18]

This is the first skin ported from the exclusive PS4 game God of War Ascension , it is a skin of a whore featured in the game , thanks for Hacker_UTD who done this amazing jobe by providing the model .
keep in touch to get more skins fom GoW Ascension real soon !

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Whore from God of War Ascension

Whore from God of War Ascension







Lincoln Clay Skin For GTA San Andreas | [MAFIA3][REL]

Finally ! i got lucky To port the Skin of my favorite VideoGame's Protagoniste : Lincoln clay From MAFIA III , thanks to eXistenZ34 who helped me with the Games files !

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Alexis Texas [+18][Celebrities][Special_Request]

Alright! After receiving So many Messages (25+ on my inbox) From my Play mate Marat_Akhmedov  Requesting The skin of the famous Pornstar Alexis Texas !

Even Though it's a crazy idea , but i find it funny to make such a skin like that ... take a look !

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Nude :

http://babblecase.com/EeV http://babblecase.com/EeX http://babblecase.com/EeY

 Actually , this is not the first time i have a request like this !
When i worked on the skin of Lola Del Rio , i used the face of the british pornstar Sophie Dee although i was going to use an other head ! ... and that's responding to a request from Anonymous ...